Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Workarounding InstallAnywhere on Mac

Hello folks,

( this issue is targeted on supporforums and resolved on Blackberry's Jira)

Caused by bug in Java on OS X. Just install one of these updates:

<> (10.6-only) 

My workaround (before fix):

I just figured out that InstallAnywhere installer has somehow issue with redrawing window content.
Basically the mouse/keyboard events are processed but nothing is being redraw on the screen.

Welcome screen lacking few elements

I've tried to hide/show window to see if it will force redraw the content, but the only thing that worked was to go trough AppMenu->Services which actually forced window to redraw content.

Clicking services forces window to redraw

I've tried to point JAVA_HOME to 1.6.0_51 and 1.7.0_25 JREs but no change was happening :-)

Launching installer from command line was not helpful at all. I hoped into some "text-only | /bin/yes" installation but unsurprisingly there seemed to be no support for it and help | --help feature was not implemented as well :-) 

Output from the command line was not helpful at all since no exception/warning/error appeared.

./BlackBerry10Simulator-Installer [Deprecated] Zero G InstallerAnywhere: Forcing java.vm.version to $(java.version)-zeroG in order to preserve backward compatibility
InstallAnywhereSupport enabled

Mac OS X 10.8.4
Intel HD 4000
jre 1.6.0_51 (tried 1.7.0_25 as well)

Problematic installers

Well you'll need to go trough AppMenu and click on services Services every time you'll click on the any window element to get your change redraw. (Just like on the last picture)


  1. Thanks for this! Install AnyWhere on another product was causing me problems in the same way. This saved my bacon. Thanks!

  2. Hello Josh, thanks. Two+ slices of bacon saved :-) That's not a bad score.


  3. Thanks a lot, I really appreciate your post

  4. Thanks a lot, I really appreciate your post

  5. Dude, you saved my nerves. Thank you A LOT!

  6. Thanks a lot. I was wondering if I could ever install a mindmapping software I absolutely needed. Your tips worked perfectly.